Take Action Against Bank of American and Dirty Coal

11 Nov

On November 14th, in concert with thousands of young people all over the country and the Rainforest Action Network, a coalition of students and student groups under the name, “Students for a Sustainable Future,” at the University of Maryland, College Park will demand that Bank of America stops funding coal and starts funding the future

2pm, Friday, Nov. 14th

College Ave. and US Route 1

Currently Bank of America, along with Citi are financing the construction of more 150 new coal-fired power plants. Bank of America invests less than 0.2% of its $1.5 trillion in assets in alternative energy. In fact, Bank of America has provided more than $6 billion in funding for coal mining companies since 2000, including companies that perform mountain top removal. 

By funding the production of 600 million to more than 1 billion tons of new CO2 admissions each year and by funding the destruction of already impoverished communities in Appalachia, Bank of America is financing the death of the planet. 
If Bank of America were to direct its investments towards sustainable technology it could create good, new jobs, eliminate our dependence on oil, and mitigate the effects of climate change.
This is what we want:   

* No new coal plants

* An end to mountaintop removal

* Stop financing the coal industry

* Invest in green jobs and clean and just energy!

This is what we are doing about it:

*Write letters to Bank of America articulating our demands
*Rally at the Bank of America in College Park to deliver letters
*Shut down the bank by staging a die-in outside, illustrating what Bank of America’s investment practices are doing to our planet.


Coal is over. Fund the future.

Please email Bob Hayes if interested:  rhayes@umd.edu




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