Meeting 2/17 6:30 pm JMZ 2123

16 Feb

Last week we won our demand for a dialogue with STAMP administrators about the fate of the UBC (University Book Center). More than 30 students attended, including SGA Vice Presidents, members of the Union Advisory Board, the leadership of the Graduate Student Government and a bunch of SDSers. Although the immediate media response was not what we had hoped for (Dback: UBC Contract to cut book costs 2/12) todays editorial (Dback: A not-so textbook solution 2/16) shows that there are people on this campus committed to coming up with creative solutions to not only making education more affordable but by putting students in control of the campus.

Join us tomorrow evening to talk about possible ways to move forward in our campaign to change the way the UBC operates and to reduce the cost of textbooks.

What: CP-SDS meeting
When: 6:30pm Feb 17
Where: 2123 Jimenez

Also, we have to write our budget soon, so there will be time dedicated to brainstorm program ideas for next semester.


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