March 4: Take Action to Defend Education

28 Feb

Open space for the education we desire

Public education is under attack.  Tuition is rising, teachers are getting laid off, programs are getting cut, and our schools are being run like corporations. The quality of our education is decreasing while student debt is rising and youth unemployment is at record highs. On March 4th, students and faculty around the country are participating in a National Day of Action to Defend Public Education, and we’re gonna throw down in College Park.

Our university administration thinks that a quality education can be defined by rankings in magazines, freshman SAT scores, and federal research grants.  But we know that our education can’t be measured in dollars. We want to be equipped with the tools to fight for a world free of poverty, war and exploitation.

On March 4th, we are walking out of class and creating a space that can contain the education we desire.

At noon on Thursday, walk out of class and find each other in the STAMP by the food co-op.  We will march to Tawes plaza for a rally, and later move into the Art/Sociology building for discussions about hip hop and education, race and gender in the classroom, the corporate university, sports and education, and whatever else we want.  Then we’ll have a general assembly to talk about the state of our education, and where we want to take it, ending the night with a sick dance party.



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