March 4th (march forth) National Day of Action to Defend Public Education

4 Mar

Today’s the day. Meet at the Co-op at 12 or Art/Soc (Cordell Black Hall) after that.

March 4 in College Park

March 4 at the University of Maryland

UPDATE: 4pm Rally to End Police Brutality @ Tawes Plaza

Washington Post story on M4, with a report from College Park:

Organizer Bob Hayes said Maryland students are angry that their tuition dollars are going to pay for development projects and the salaries of administrators, instead of better instruction.

“We feel disconnected from our education,” Hayes said. “We’re being run by a Fortune 500 company instead of by a university.”

Here’s the first press hit, featuring CPSdS’s very own, Jon Berger:

USA Today: College students rally over tuition, education quality

•Students at the University of Maryland-College Park and Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond plan to raise concerns about the effect of budget cuts on quality.

“We’re seeing more classes taught by adjuncts and grad students who aren’t getting paid (fairly). We’re seeing larger class sizes, and some kids in certain majors … can’t get all the courses they need in four years,” says Maryland junior Jon Berger.

Also, check out round-ups from around the country (with shout-outs to College Park!) on the blog, HuffPost, Socialist Worker, and CNN

Keep it here for updates!


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