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Radical Rush Week Fall 2011

15 Sep

Radical Rush Week: Sept 18-Oct. 7

Radical Rush is a week (or two and a half) of events to get YOU involved in the growing and active community here in College Park.

A bunch of events are planned by students to build power on our campus and in our community towards a more democratic and sustainable University. It is a great way to make new friends and find lots of things to do. Everyone is welcome and all of the events are free!



Fall 2011 Disorientation Guide!

15 Sep

From cpactivism:

THE DISORIENTATION GUIDE 2011 IS HERE. A zine about many of the activist groups at UMD, a guide to Radical Rush events, and awesome info on dumpster diving, gender-neutral bathrooms, fixing flat tires and more.

Download links below:

Radical Rush Week! You should come!

21 Sep

Upcoming Events
(SdS and related)

  • The End of Capitalism? SDS @ 7pm TOMORROW in armory 0117 RADRUSH EVENT
  • YES MEANS OH YES! Feminist for Sexual Health, Co-sponsored by Feminism Without Borders, Sisterhood of Unity and Love, Students for a Democratic Society, and the Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Program office.@ 7pmWEDNESDAY in the Nanticoke room in Stamp RADRUSH EVENT
  • I only sit with People like ME. Community Roots @ 6pm THURSDAY 1112 Hornbake Library RADRUSH EVENT
  • Fantasy Meets Reality: Burlesque Sketching. Pride Alliance, Co-sponsored by SEE, Terpoets, Satanic Mechanics @ 9pm FRIDAY in the Stamp at the ALL NIGHTER RADRUSH EVENT

STARE Presentation from tonight’s town hall meeting

11 Nov


Happy Guy Fawkes' day

Students rally in front of the administration building on November 5th.

This presentation was used at the STARE coalition town hall meeting tonight.  Over 300 students, faculty, staff and alumni attended and made plans to continue our struggle against the growing inaccessibility and corporatization of our university.

The powerpoint includes info about STARE and our demands, as well as information compiled by CP SdS on the long term context of the alleged ‘budget crisis.’

Download the file here


Mass Meeting S.T.A.R.E.

10 Nov
Mass Meeting 10 November

Students Taking Action to Reclaim Our Education

Solidarity with the UC Walkout

25 Sep

Dear friends from California,

We at the University of Maryland stand with the students, faculty and staff throughout the University of California system who are rising up against corporatization and budget austerity. From the well-organized  walkouts to the courageous occupations, you serve as an example to those of us across the nation who face similar conditions. At the University of Maryland, we have faced round after round of cuts and furloughs, and a tuition hike isn’t far off. Without action, Maryland seems to be headed the same place as California.

Our University also has administrators who are more interested in construction projects than maintaining a quality accessible education for students or a just workplace for staff and faculty. Until shared governance becomes more than just an empty phrase, we won’t be able to get our schools’ priorities straight. We’ve all been following your work closely and we turn to you for inspiration in our own struggles. Unity between students, faculty and staff is an essential part of any meaningful large-scale action, and you’ve kicked ass at it. We look forward to helping to build the burgeoning national student movement to which you’ve given voice. Keep up the good work, and we’ll see you in the streets.
Love and Rage,
Student Power Action Mob
(which is)
College Park Students for a Democratic Society
Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Terps for Choice
Feminism without Borders
Community Roots
Students for Justice in Palestine

+ The Exec Board of the UM SGA

Back in Action: CP-SDS Weekly Meetings

10 Sep

Whatchoo doin’ on Monday night?
Word. You should come to the College Park Students for a democratic Society meeting!

We have one crazy semester ahead of us and soooo much work to do towards a more democratic and sustainable campus.

So, when are the meetings?
0205 Jimenez (on Campus, Between the Health Center and McKeldin Library)

See you there!